Make Your Blog More Comment-able

I failed at this assignment terribly. I read the articles, but really didn't put the effort into this one. For me it's about the quality of the comment not the quantity.

April 06 - 22: 11 post/106 comments
I'm happy with that :)


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  1. Madeleine says:

    It seems when I blog less, like skip my memes for a week or two I loose my commentors (is this a english word??)

    There are times I like to do other things and come back to my blog or a book has 500+ pages and I am taking my time reading it. I am giving up on competition and feel sometimes there is a lot of it going on. When someone does not blog, I still go and visit them and leave a hello, have a nice day et...
    Oh well, it is nice to get a lot of posts but if not then it's ok to..................I guess ;(