Content is king

One of the biggest struggles for me is providing content that will keep people coming back. With all the other blogs out there, blogs that stand out are few and far between.

The blogs I like to read on a daily basis I keep going back to because I like the content they provide. So, how do I come up with new ideas every few days to keep people interested enough to visit on a regular basis?

Our Assignment

Read these helpful links provided for us by our host Kim

Given that information, the second task in the Blog Improvement Project has two parts: brainstorming ideas and blogging your ideas.

Part 1 — Brainstorming Ideas:

  • Read the articles above and find a technique that you think will help you brainstorm, then spend some quality time brainstorming.
  • Keep track of the topic ideas you’ve brainstormed for a time in the future when you need some ideas.
  • Come back and comment on this post or sign the Mr. Linky below with a post about brainstorming techniques you found particularly helpful or other brainstorming techniques you use.

Part 2 — Blogging Your Ideas:

  • Use your brainstormed ideas to come up with a new, regular feature for your blog. There are a lot of memes and stuff out there to participate in, but I think it’s cool when a blogger has a feature that is unique to them. Think about what makes your voice different, then come up with a feature that reflects that. There aren’t any “rules” about the feature — just be yourself.
  • Come back and sign the Mr. Linky with a post about your new feature.
Completion date: February 1
Next assignment: February 2
Last assignment: January 5 Setting Goals — What Is Your Blog For?