Social Media Carnival (BIP Week 5)
Check out the wrap up page for Week 5. There is a great collection of links to pages that offer tutorials and such for different social media applications.

Now on to week 6 for the Blog Improvement Project, trying out a new social media tool. While I don’t think there is a perfect way to do this, here are some guidelines to follow if you like instructions:

1. Pick out a new social media tool, or reacquaint yourself with a social media tool you already use. If you’re new, sign up and create an account. Make sure to include your blog URL in your new profile so you can connect across social media platforms.

2. Update your blog to include your new social media contact information. If you want, leave your contact information in the comments here so other BIP participants can connect with you. WordPress doesn’t like comments with a lot of links, so if it doesn’t show up right away be patient, I’ll fish it out of the spam filter ASAP.

3. Spend the next three weeks actively using your new social media. Use all those goals setting techniques we tried in week 1 to set some goals for your social media experiment. For example, set a goal of tweets per day or how many comments you’ll leave on GoodReads reviews to make sure you give it a good shot.

4. Don’t be afraid to connect with other people. Find authors, publishers, famous people, or bloggers that are “bigger” than you and connect with them via social media. Don’t be intimidated, just try it!

5. At the end of your three weeks using more social media, write up a post about how it worked for you. Sign Mr. Linky with your post, I’ll do another Social Media Carnival post at the end of March wrapping up what everyone learned.

Completion date: End of March
Next assignment:
March 16 - BIP #6, Let's Get Social
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